Bayes Nordics, an email list

This is an interlude to the series of posts on inference for state space models, which I will restart soon.

I have created an email-list called Bayes Nordics. The goal is to disseminate news on events related to Bayesian analysis, in the Nordic countries.

Workshops, conferences, job openings, courses, even local seminars and meetups. Any Bayes-event happening in theĀ Nordics is welcome.

It is up to the users to provide the content.

Basically, it should become something analogous to what’s being done in the excellent Allstat list (though at a way smaller scale). The intention is to keep the “noise” low. So Bayes Nordics is not a “questions & answers” forum; there are already many good places out there to post questions.

Why Bayes Nordics

I think we all experienced the frustration of missing an excellent seminar happening in a neighbour University department, which we could have attended if we only knew. Or missed registering for an introductory course in Bayesian statistics just because, well, it’s not always easy to find these information. Many events are simply not widely advertised. Say you don’t use meetup (, so you don’t know that there is an afterwork meetup where someone talks about probabilistic machine learning and variational Bayes.

You get the point, the list of examples could go on and on.

So, if you get to know of some interesting event/opportunity, just post it by email at Bayes Nordics. Registration is free and the platform is ads-free (as long as Google keeps it this way).

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